You know I’m all about learning to dance – so I want to share some things that I did in the past that completely wasted my time and energy.

By sharing these, I hope I can help you avoid the same mistakes I made!

1) I tried learning how to dance from YouTube.

I thought the more I watched these videos, the easier it would be to learn how to dance.

In reality, I would watch the videos over and over again and I could barely figure out how to do the first step. It all seemed so foreign to me.

2) I tried learning by going to the bar and taking a free class.

Back then I believed that I should learn from the best dancers in the bar, but I quickly realized this environment was not good for a brand new dancer. I was very confused.

3) I tried learning from a friend that was a good dancer.

I did this because I loved the way they danced. But being a good dancer doesn’t always make a good teacher. Especially if the person does not have teaching experience.

Don’t make the same mistakes I did. Start learning from professional dance teachers and save time and MONEY!!!!