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Ballroom and Latin Intro Program

Do you love meeting new people and getting to move your body on the dance floor? Is life feeling a little humdrum lately and you’re ready to challenge yourself with something new? Sometimes you just need to break out of your routine in order to discover a whole new side of yourself and expose it to the world!

Dance is an amazing way to reconnect with yourself and push your limits. In our Intro Program, you get to begin your dance journey with 3 30-minute Private Lessons for just $47! With this program, you will be able to learn the basics of 2-3 of your favorite dances!

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Gift Cards

These gift cards are perfect for any dancer! These gift cards can be used for dance lessons, group classes, celebrity coaches, starlights, and competitions! Be sure to stock up while you can!

$50 for $40 $100 for $75 $300 for $250

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Dance Masters

Here is your chance to work with some of the top coaches in the Ballroom and Latin industry. Coaches like Dancing with the Stars Jonathan Roberts, Valentina, Decho Kraev, Bree Watson, Diana Berry, Linda Dean and so many more!

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Now is your chance to hit the hottest dance spots in the valley with a professional dance teacher!

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10 Private Lessons

10 private lessons for $750. Limit one per person or per couple.

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