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In a world where I was meant to be an engineer, I found my true calling not in calculations and prototypes, but in the rhythmic steps of ballroom dance.

Why I Teach: Discovering Healing Through Dance

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When you take dance lessons by yourself, you get to learn at your own pace. Our expert instructors can focus on your unique needs.

I’ve Got a Secret: Learning to Dance Without Your Spouse Can Be More Fun and the Best Thing You Ever Did!

Male student and instructor posing together at a dance competition
Marge as Mama Morton in a theatrical performance

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Dance like nobody’s watching – especially when you’re 65 and just getting started! At AZ Ballroom Champions, we believe that age is just a number when it comes to pursuing your passion for dance. Our inclusive dance studio welcomes students of all ages and skill levels, proving that it’s never too late to learn how to ballroom dance.

It’s Never Too Late to Ballroom Dance

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We’ve all heard it before: “It’s not about winning; it’s about the journey.” While this may sound cliché, especially in the high-stakes world of ballroom dance competitions, AZ Ballroom Champions are here to remind you that, yes, it’s actually true.

Discover the REAL Victories in Ballroom Dance Competitions (Hint: It’s Not the Trophy)

Two joyful men dancing swing together, elegantly twirling and smiling as they enjoy their gender-neutral dance partnership.

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On September 23, the National Dance Council of America (NDCA) amended a long-standing rule to allow same-sex and gender-neutral couples to compete against opposite-sex couples at sanctioned events. This change redefines a couple in ballroom dance as a leader and a follower, regardless of the dancers’ sex or gender. The rule change has been widely welcomed as it promotes inclusivity and enables the dance community to grow.

Same-Sex Dance Revolution: How Gender-Neutral Partnerships Are Changing Dance Forever

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Stress and depression have plagued humanity for ages, with records dating back to ancient Egypt and Greece. Throughout history, people have sought ways to alleviate these issues, and “healing through dance” has emerged as a powerful method. As a form of exercise, dance can uplift the body, mind, and spirit effectively. The Physical Effects of […]

Healing Through Dance: Overcoming Stress and Depression

A couple happily dancing to overcome stress and depression through dance

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Ballroom dancing is a beautiful, romantic, and classy way to spend time with your partner. But it’s not all about looks! Here are five reasons why you should take ballroom dance lessons, even if you have two left feet.

Five Reasons to Take Ballroom Dance Lessons