Waltz is known to be a very smooth and elegant form of ballroom dance. In fact, it was the official matrimonial dance amongst the royalty in Europe and in several popular fairytales. A wedding is an intrinsically romantic affair that marks the beginning of a new journey for two people who are in love with each other.

Your first dance with your significant other is one of the most cherished memories of the wedding. Why not make it even more special by doing the Waltz straight from your favorite fairytale? Just visualize yourself with your partner swirling around the dance floor in absolute unison. What a breathtaking sight!

What is the waltz?

Traditionally, the waltz, or rather the wedding waltz, was performed to the tunes of classic music like “Could I have this dance” by Anne Murray. These songs have triple or ¾ rhythm. This basically means that the waltz is a type of ballroom dance that has three steps and three-step combinations and is performed on music that has three beats in every bar.

Several people wrongly assume that a Waltz is a very slow dance. In reality, it is actually a bit faster as compared to other typical slow dances. Also, you can also choose from different types of waltz-American, Country Western, Viennese, International, French, Cajun, and others.

A waltz usually requires some basic choreography to give it structure and form. You can have your first dance choreographed by the professional teachers at Arizona Ballroom Champions. Waltz has some technical concepts such as a series of turning patterns and box steps. A sweet, contemporary ballad serves as the perfect music for a modern waltz.

Taking lessons to perform a smooth waltz routine

It is a good idea for a couple to take a joint decision regarding whether they wish to perform a traditional waltz or opt for a waltz that has a slightly modern twist to it. The latter also looks extremely elegant when performed as the first dance after the wedding ceremony.

If either of the partners is not very confident about dancing, particularly the waltz; it might be a good idea to take a few lessons and perfect this traditional and highly romantic dance form. The instructors at Arizona Ballroom Champions can help you learn the waltz. You may even like to perform it some years later when celebrating milestone occasions such as your 10th anniversary!