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FAQs about ABC

What kind of dances do you teach?

When we say “Ballroom Dancing,” we mean all partner dances, including Ballroom, Latin, Country, Swing, and many others.  We teach just about all partner dances.  If it requires two people, most likely one of our teaches has experience in dancing it and teaching it.

What is a private lesson?
A private lesson is a dance lesson where it will be you, or you and your partner learning from one of our experienced dance instructors. The dance lessons are customizable for your dance style preferences, your learning style, and your schedule.
Are classes right for me?

Everyone is welcome at Arizona Ballroom Champions! We believe we can teach anyone to dance, that's why we offer a special opportunity for new dancers that let you try 2 private lessons for only $40.

*If you are new to ballroom dancing, we request that first you take private lessons before attending class so that you know the basics and the format, also which type of class is right now for you!

I don’t have a partner, can I still learn to dance?
Yes, you can!! Most of our students do not have a partner to take dance lessons with. Your teacher will be your partner! And our group classes are set up in a way that no partner is needed!!
What should I wear?

You can wear anything that you are comfortable in. We have students that will wear jeans and a t-shirt, yoga or work-out clothes, or ballroom dance practice wear. Being comfortable and able to move in the clothes is key!

What type of shoes should I wear?

In the beginning, no special shoes are needed.  We just recommend that you do not wear flip flops or sandals.  They can fall off while dancing and makes it a little harder to focus on the steps.

What ages do you teach?

We start at age 6 and go up to a 105!!  Our oldest student we have ever taught was 105!!  If he can do it, so can you!!

I am not interested in competing, can I still take dance lessons?

Yes!!  Most of our students want to learn how to social dance.  We will help you achieve whatever dance goal you have!

How often should I take lessons?

Everyday!!  As much as we would love this to be the case, we know that is not possible for everyone.  But the closer you keep your lessons together, the more you retain and the faster you learn.  We recommend doing 2 lessons a week at a minimum. 

I am getting married, can you choreograph a first dance for us?

Absolutely!  Our Wedding Coordinator will take great care of you!  Schedule a free consultation and find out about our amazing Wedding Programs!!

Is learning to dance easy?

In addition to improving our own dancing, our teachers do extensive training on how to be better teachers.  We work on how to identify different learning types and styles and adapt the lessons to fit the student.  You will be amazed at how easy we make it!!

Are my lessons at the same time every week?

They can be.  We can schedule standing appointments, or we can change it up day to day.  You are in control of your schedule!!


New Students:
Private Lesson for $40


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