Private Lessons and Group Classes  Available

Ballroom and Latin Dances

Do you love Latin moves? Or are you most interested in knowing how to look great at Social Dances? No matter what moves you want to master, at Ballroom Champions our teachers will guide you through everything you need to know to dazzle on the dance floor!

Country Style Dances

Have you always loved Country Music? When you see groups take to the dance floor for Line Dancing do you wish you could hop in and join? Our instructors can teach you the best Country Dances, including the 2-step, Country Swing, Country Waltz and the Night Club 2 step. 

Salsa and Latin Dances

Salsa and Latin dancing is fun for everyone! At Ballroom Champions we’ve guided countless dancers through the intricacies of Latin Dance.  So branch out and treat yourself to an amazing experience. Learn Salsa and Latin Dancing from one of our gifted dance instructors.


New Students:
Private Lesson for $40


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