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Country Dances

(Let’s be honest Luke Bryan isn’t the only one who can shake it!)

Country Swing

Born in California during the 1940s it is smooth (no bounce) and danced in a slot. The dance allows room for syncopated footwork and improvisation. Followers have more freedom than any other dance, performing their syncopations at will. West Coast Swing can be danced to a wide range of music including Rhythm and Blues, Country Western, Funk, Disco, Rock and Pop.

Country Waltz

A progressive dance that moves counter-clockwise around the dance floor and consists of turns, spins and traveling patterns around the floor. In traditional “dance frame” the leader puts his right arm over his partner’s left shoulder; in more contemporary styling he puts it as most other partner dances, under her arm and on her left shoulder blade.

Country Two-Step

Also known as the “Texas two-step” is a progressive dance that proceeds counterclockwise around the floor and it is quite an easy dance to learn. Of course, there are fancy steps that you can add in as you become more comfortable with the dance, but you can be on the floor, two stepping in no time at all.

Night Club Two-Step

Known as one of the most popular styles of contemporary social dance with a more natural dance position. This simple yet romantic dance gives every dancer an opportunity to express without requiring a rigid technique. It is one of the most practical and versatile social dances ever created.

West Coast Swing

Recognized as being smoother in style and danced to almost every kind of music including R&B, Hip Hop, Lyrical, and Blues. It is a slot dance allowing for personal expression for both lead and follow, allowing for a variety of styles. Known for its fun rhythm changes and playful syncopations this is a great dance to show off to your friends.