Intro Classes for New Students

Learn to Dance with Arizona Ballroom Champions

101 Class*

Do you love meeting new people and getting to move your body on the dance floor? Is life feeling a little humdrum lately and you’re ready to challenge yourself with something new? Sometimes you just need to break out of your routine in order to discover a whole new side of yourself and expose it to the world!

Dance is an amazing way to reconnect with yourself and push your limits.

Join us for one of our intro classes! Learn the basics to some of the most popular social dances! Then stay for our dance party and practice your new moves!

$5 per person

Class Starts at 7:30

Dance Party Starts at 8:15!

*This class is for new students that have not been to our studio. This class is designed to let you try out Arizona Ballroom Champions before committing to one of our programs. Students participating in class will be given a discount to our Intro Program.