You might think ballroom dance is only for adults, but young children can benefit from learning this graceful dance from an early age. Children who participate in social and team activities learn vital skills that will help them as they grow into healthy and successful adults. Ballroom dancing is a perfect way for your children to reap these benefits and enjoy a fun skill that will last for years to come.

Check out our Junior Intro to Ballroom programs. We offer two options including Introductory Junior Ballroom and Latin Dance Workshops for $10 or a private 30-minute private lessons for $20. This is a great way to introduce your child to the wonderful world of Ballroom and Latin Dancing.

Schedule their first lessons online below or give us a call. We can’t wait to share the fun of dance with them! 

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“Best Youth Dance Program Around”

“Absolutely amazing! My daughter took the first of her three youth into classes and loved it! Mr. Tony is very skilled in his craft and identified all of the technical elements of ballroom dancing a young one should know and learn. Not to mention how well he works with young students! My daughter totally connected with him! Looking forward to the next couple of classes scheduled and to see her progress!”

Kayla Vess

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