Wedding Dance Lessons

We know that every couple has their story that they would like to tell. Our goal with our wedding lessons is to help the two of you amaze your guests with an incredible first dance to the song of your choice. Would you like your dance to look traditional or are you hoping to be the YouTube sensation? Whatever your vision is we want to help you make a perfect wedding routine. We offer many different programs for you to choose. We are sure to fit any budget. We will customize the steps to suit your skills and preferences. After all, it's your day! Show off! So call us today (480) 442 9188 to schedule your first lesson! Ask about our FREE consultation! Or you can schedule online!

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Wedding Workshops

Our method is simple. We teach you easy-to-learn steps while having a great time. With a little bit of practice and patience, you'll surprise yourself and dance with confidence. Check out our monthly workshops!

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My fiance and I wanted to make sure we knew what we were doing at our wedding, so we did some lessons here. Not only did we get amazing choreography, but we had so much fun at the group classes. We can't wait to show off our dance at our wedding and plan to take more classes to learn some different dances as well.

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My fiancé and I took the latin bootcamp to see if we would like to incorporate it into our first dance at our wedding. We fell in love with bachata and signed up for the wedding package lessons. They choreographed a beautiful dance for us. We get married in 10 days and I can't wait to show off our hard work

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When we were looking to learn how to dance for our wedding and our first dance, we considered quite a few different dance studios. Arizona Ballroom Champions caught our attention with their introduction to dancing class that was being hosted later in the evening, which worked perfectly with our busy weekday schedule. When we arrived we were warmly greeted by the entire staff and we felt right at home. Alec was our first dance teacher there and we were captivated by his warmth and exuberance. At the conclusion of our first lesson, we knew we wanted to continue our relationship with Arizona Ballroom Champions. They were more than willing to work with our schedules and they were able to host us later in the evening for our lessons, which was great. Our wedding choreographer, Jordyn, is an amazing, fun loving, humorous, professional, knowledgeable, and passionate young lady who developed for us the perfect dance to go along with our first dance song selection. She worked with us tirelessly until we had our entire routine down and when it came time for our first dance we felt more than prepared and we couldn't have been happier with the results. Everyone in the audience was wowed by our performance and for the two of us it is a special dance that we will never forget. If there is anyone out there looking to learn how to dance and have their own choreographed dance so that they can be wedding ready, look no further, Arizona Ballroom Champions has you completely covered! We are so happy with these folks that we are still to this very day continuing to take lessons with Jordyn and every lesson with her is an absolute joy! Thank you so very much, Jordyn, Shawn, and everyone at AZ Ballroom Champions!