Monthly Wedding Workshops

Our popular 90-minute wedding workshops are specifically tailored to wedding couples who wants to learn the most popular wedding dances such as the Foxtrot, Waltz, Swing and Rumba.

Together you will learn the basic patterns, timing, and footwork that go with each style of dance. We will also show you how to enter the dance floor as husband and wife and how to finish the routine with a basic dip.

Reservations are required. For more information on our next upcoming wedding workshops or to schedule your wedding dance lessons, contact us to get in touch!

Wedding Workshop Package Levels

Basic Viennese Waltz Wedding Dance

Intermediate Viennese Waltz Wedding Choreography

Deluxe Viennese Wedding Choreography

Basic Rumba/Slow Dance Wedding Choreography

Intermediate Rumba/Slow Dance Choreography

Deluxe Rumba/Slow Dance Wedding Choreography

Basic Wedding Foxtrot Choreography

Intermediate Wedding Foxtrot Choreography

Deluxe Wedding Foxtrot Choreography

Upcoming Workshops

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“First Dance won’t be our last with ABC”

“My fiance and I wanted to make sure we knew what we were doing at our wedding, so we did some lessons here. Not only did we get amazing choreography, but we had so much fun at the group classes. We can’t wait to show off our dance at our wedding and plan to take more classes to learn some different dances as well.”

— Jonathan Deal

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New Students:
Private Lesson for $20


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