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It’s all about the PASSION! A style of Tango which originated in the streets of Buenos Aires, recognized by its passionate hold and complex leg and foot movements.


The Hustle is the partner version of disco dancing. It is a fast moving, energetic dance characterized by its many turns. The lady spins almost constantly while her partner draws her close and sends her away. Hustle is still very popular at West Coast Swing dances.


With African, Cuban and Puerto Rican roots there’s no surprise that there are so many different styles, it is by far the most exciting and energetic of the Latin dances. Salsa dancing is a sumptuous mix of rhythm, style, and music that may seem complicated with the variety of steps to the dance but beginners quickly learn to love the simple steps that evolve into the beautiful dance.


Bachata is a Caribbean dance step that features a distinct Cuban hip motion. With beautiful music, mesmerizing body movement, and a sultry sway, Bachata is a growing dance style that has steamed up dance floors across the globe!


One of the most popular dances in Salsa Clubs and so much fun to learn! A Latin Festival dance originating in the Dominican Republic/Haiti, it is a very simple dance which makes it great for group dances. Driving 2/4 time music with an insistent steady beat and many spins and turns. A most popular dance in Salsa Clubs along with Salsa. THE easiest dance to learn Latin Motion, which is used in all the other Latin and Swing Dances.

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